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Swing Gate Motors

Sleek, stylish, secure and strong Centurion Vantage swing gate motors, providing you everything you need to swing the future your way.

Swing Gate Motors

Vantage - Stronger. Superior. Secure.

Sleek, stylish, secure and strong: these are some of the words that describe the VANTAGE linear swing gate motor for domestic and industrial gates. VANTAGE gate automation comes standard with battery backup offers a quick and easy (not to mention good looking) installation. It is an exceptionally strong set of operators for gates up to 4m wide, per leaf (consult specifications for further details).

Boasting tough-as-nails die-cast aluminium construction throughout, a grade 304 stainless steel wormshaft for the ultimate in reliability and durability and with sophisticated electronics for smooth, safe operation, VANTAGE gives you everything you need to swing the future your way.

The main features of the VANTAGE gate automation include:

High Push Force

The high-torque DC motor operating through an efficient planetary gearbox, delivers a potent 250kg push force. The VANTAGE is capable of reliably operating swing gates in the majority of domestic and light-industrial applications.

Revolutionary Brake

The revolutionary centrifugal brake developed for the V-Series range of swing gate motors ensures secure locking of the operator when the gate is both open and closed.

Internal Limits

The VANTAGE's advanced internal limit system guarantees very reliable operation and precise control of the movement of the gate. It is designed to provide precision position information to the controller, resulting in unparalleled reliability and setting the standard in early collision detection.

Complete Speed Control

The VANTAGE electronics, with 'Quadra-Drive' speed control, maintains smooth and quiet starting and stopping of the gate regardless of its condition and ambient temperatures, even after many years of service. The state of the art control reduces the operating stresses and extends the life of both the operator and the gate.

Swift Operation

The mechanical gearing of the VANTAGE, combined with its leading-edge speed system maintains rapid and precisely controlled opening and closing of the gate for greater convenience and security.

Safe Battery Backup

With only a low-voltage battery supply powering the VANTAGE operator, the system is totally safe from risks such as electrocution and has the added benefit of providing power-failure protection. The added efficiency of the operator results in an exceptional number of uses in the event of a power failure.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. You can enjoy complete power failure autonomy by connecting your VANTAGE to a solar power supply. VANTAGE is completely solar-ready and its 7Ah battery can be charged via a low-voltage supply. This makes it ideal for sites with no mains power at the gate and saves significantly on installation costs.

Sensitive Anti-crushing Control

The VANTAGE controller accurately monitors any obstructions to the movement of the gate and ensures ultra-safe operation against crushing and provides end-user peace of mind.

All-weather Construction

All external components of the operator are manufactured from a combination of stainless steel, epoxy-coated coastal-grade aluminium and UV-stabilised engineering polymers. This guarantees a robust and durable unit in both inland and coastal environments.


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